20 February 2018

Gourmet rallies

Go for a gourmet team rally guided by your phone!

Guess each step with a clue, discover good gourmet addresses, carefully selected products, enjoy, answer questions or challenges! all this from your phone!

You can do the rally whenever you want (consult the advice of the best periods to achieve it). You can do the rally of 1 to 4 people.

You will travel about 6 kilometers without noticing it by discovering landscapes and extraordinary places, carefully selected local products and meeting passionate people.

It’s not a race, you take the time you want! you can stop to taste products when your heart tells you. Generally, it takes 3 hours to do the rally.

What is included in the rally:

  • instructions accessible from your phone (requires a smartphone with internet access)
  • the course with 13 steps to guess (no worries, we help you if you are lost),
  • the discovery of gourmet addresses with tastings included or suggested,
  • the presentation of tasted products and testimonials from local producers,
  • offers and benefits from certain partners visited,
  • the opportunity to win a gourmet walk with a local guide for 2 people (value 98 €).

How it works ?

  • you buy the gourmet rally online
  • you receive access and instructions to start the rally (starting point, connection instructions)
  • you choose the date independently
  • you start the rally when you have decided.
  • you have telephone support if needed.
  • The rally is only feasible once. Once completed, access will no longer be available.

Choose your rally!